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Bremen Freimarkt



Germany - Bremen


From: 2015.10.19 To: 2015.11.04



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Since the year 1035, when the Emperor Conrad II granted the Archibishop of Bremen the right to hold a fair in the fall, locals and visitors have worked together to consume hectoliters of beer each October. While this event is not as globally popular as nearby Bavaria's "Octoberfest," participants certainly have as much beer-drinking fun. It's a two-week fair and folk festival, one of Germany's largest and most historical events. There's also a Freimarktsumzug parade, which is made up of over one-hundred brightly decorated floats which flood the streets of the city. Keep in mind that 4 hectoliter = 400 liter of beer. Lend a helping hand to your German brothers by downing a few liters yourself. Bottoms up!

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