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Bratislava Christmas Market



Slovakia - Bratislava


From: 2015.11.26 To: 2015.12.26



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A month before Christmas, a Christmas tree will be lit in the Main Square in the Bratislava city centre, and the square will be filled with stalls selling handcrafts and delicious food. The unique atmosphere of the Christmas Market in Bratislava attracts thousands of people, who can meet their friends, eat some thin potato pancakes and drink a cup of mulled wine here. For those with a bigger appetite you can try eating a “Gypsy” roast or sausage. Apart from refreshment stalls, you can also find stalls selling presents, natural candles, small sculptures, and other artistic products. The Christmas atmosphere in the square is enhanced by live Christmas music or every evening. To find out about more Christmas Markets for Handicrafts Shopping click here.

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