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Boogie Brain International Music Festival



Poland - Szczecin


From: 2016.07.21 To: 2016.07.23



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Those searching for sophisticated sounds, different beats and challenging art will love the brain stimulation on offer at the Boogie Brain festival. The organizers believe that “the mass culture dictatorship must be ended“ by offering a refined sound and visual experience like no other. The festival includes music performances and film screenings and is located on a river island in the center of the Polish city Szczecin. Most of the artists come from Poland, Germany and the UK and in the past, Boogie Brain hosted performers like Ms. Dynamite, Benji B, Łona & The Pimps and Maria Peszek. The brains behind Boogie Brain festival aim at bringing urban tunes and good quality sounds to their audience. However, if you need a break from audio stimulations you can always take a walk on the streets of Szczecin and explore the cultural and historical heritage of this beautiful town.

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