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Bonfires of Sant Antoni de Canals



Spain - Canals


From: 2016.01.16 To: 2016.01.16



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On the feast day of San Antonio Abad (Jan 17th) the town of Canals in Valencia organizes massive bonfires in his honor. The origins of the celebration dates back to 1748 when a violent earthquake devastated many of the neighboring towns but left Canals untouched. The people of Canals claimed they had been protected by San Antonio Abad, who was thus declared the town's patron saint. Construction on the bonfires begins in early January and the final cone-shaped creation measures 20 meters high and 12 meters in diameter, topped with orange branches and covered in pine. However, the bonfire is not the only popular attraction of the festivities in Canals. There is also a procession held the day after the bonfire burning, "la crema", and a children's parade with floats and music. The festivities end with the parade known as Festa dels Parells and the blessing of pets.

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