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Bon Om Thook



Cambodia - Phnom Penh


From: 2015.11.27 To: 2015.11.29



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Very often we hear saying that "water is life". This is especially applicable to those communities that have long agricultural and fishing history. For instance, Cambodians are so fond of their rivers that they dedicate a huge festival in Phnom Penh to water, or precisely the festival marks the reversal of flow between the Tonle Sap and Mekong River. This natural phenomenon has a huge impact on the local community and during the festival no one goes to work or school. The whole event has a very long tradition. There's amazing boat races but one can also enjoy traditional Cambodian food, drinks, music and dance. The event spans three days and brings millions of visitors who watch boat races and indulge in gastronomic and cultural pleasures.

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