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Boi Bumba Festival



Brazil - Parintins


From: 2016.06.24 To: 2016.06.27



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Paratins is a small, Amazonian village in the far north of Brazil, but once a year it’s invaded by many times its population in visitors. What started off as a small street procession back in 1913 has since grown into one of Brazil’s premier cultural events. The festival of Boi Bumba (literally ‘Beat the Ox’) is a colourful mix of Christian and native Indian traditions, as two local teams (Garantido and Caprichoso) strive to out-compete each other with their extravagant costumes and frenetic dances. The details of how this festival came to Paratins are hotly disputed, but the easiest way to discover the competing stories is to head there and ask the locals, who’ll all be eager to relate their own personal version! It’s important to plan your accommodation – the little town has nowhere near enough hotel space for the number of visitors, but it’s often possible to book a hammock on the same boat that takes you there.

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