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Bayonne Festival



France - Bayonne


From: 2015.07.25 To: 2015.07.29



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This Basque town on the very edge of France has had a five-day party since 1932, and it is likely the only traditional festival with a dress code. Everyone must wear white, and not because it is a part of the much hyped White Party circuit, but because this Basque town on the very edge of France is rooted in custom. Locals and visitors alike are expected to wear Basque attire, white trousers, white top and a red scarf. Once you have that, you are allowed to enjoy the city's specialties including chocolate, mayonnaise flavored with local spices (called "bayonnaise"), street parties and bullfighting. The latter of which is a bloody affair, but a little violence shouldn't come as a total surprise since Bayonne did give birth to the bayonet.

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