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Battle of Lumecon and the Procession of the Golden Chariot



Belgium - Mons


From: 2016.06.02 To: 2016.06.02



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According to fourth century lore, there was a dragon in a Mediterranean land that subsisted on a daily dose of human flesh. When the dragon comes for the King's daughter a young Christian officer named George steps up to battle the dragon and eventually tames the beast by wrapping the Princess's belt around the dragon's neck. George triumphantly returns with Princess and dragon in hand, and being a Christian, the Royal family and kingdom inhabitants are converted to Christianity as a result of George slaying the dragon. Locals re-enact the epic battle every year in the Main Square of Mons. The procession begins with the Chariot of Gold at 10am followed by the battle at 12:25. Spectators play an active part in the fight and those skilled enough to pull ribbons from the dragon's swinging tail can expect good luck the rest of the year. Definitely an experience.

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