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Basel Autumn Fair Market



Switzerland - Basel


From: 2015.10.27 To: 2015.11.04



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On 11 July 1471, at the Imperial Diet in Regensburg, Emperor Frederick III granted Basel's Mayor Hannsen von Berenfels, who was present there, the right to hold an Autumn Fair «in perpetuity». The fair begins 14 days before St. Martin's day each year. It is therefore a major event when, on the Saturday before 30 October, the traditional Fair Bell of St. Martin's Church is rung at the stroke of noon to mark its opening. The amusement fair lasts for two weeks and ends on the third Sunday evening. During this time, the various brightly lit fairground venues take on a special atmosphere and are redolent with the aromas of sugar and spice. As a fair within the fair, the autumn goods fair and the wine fair are a must for many visitors, as is the big market on the Petersplatz. This makes the Autumn Fair the biggest combined fun fair and goods fair of its kind in Switzerland and the Upper Rhine region.

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