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Bandon Music Festival



Ireland - Cork


From: 2016.06.01 To: 2016.06.03



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Bandon Music Festival is proudly one of the finest Irish music festivals in Ireland. Since 1997, the locally-produced music festival in Cork features a mix of modern and traditional Irish musicians fiddling, spinning, strumming, and singing during this bank holiday music festival. If the Facebook fan group is any indication of the amount of fun that takes place in Cork during the event, it's definitely a sunny time drawing what appear to be hordes of screaming pretty girls dancing with smiling boys, and there are moments where audiences of thousands are swaying together to the jigs of the guitar-strumming, ballad-singing Irish lads. It wouldn't be true to the event sponsors, or to Ireland, if everyone wasn't gleefully swigging back a pint or two of Guinness in the meantime. And they are. But online fan sites are hardly a true representation of the event. So put on your dancing shoes, grab a pint, and experience it for yourself. Everyone's got a little Irish in 'em, it's time to let 'er out.

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