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Baikal International Ice Running Marathon



Russia - Listvyanka


From: 2016.03.04 To: 2016.03.04



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For this one, you will need more than a flask of vodka to make it to the finish line. The Baikal Ice Marathon gives you a chance to run a distance of 42.2 K from the eastern to the western shore of the frozen ice surface of Lake Baikal, the world’s largest, oldest, and deepest lake. Although the race track is flat, which makes it easier for running, the cold, as well as the glittering snow along the way, will do their best to give you a hard time. As you are running some 1,400m above the lake bottom, you will be able to enjoy the sight of the nearby snow-capped mounting ranges as well as the endless fields of white. If the race is not grueling enough for you, check out the rest of the “Winteriada,” held on Baikal Lake concurrently, and featuring Baikal Kamchatka Ice Fishing Cup, Baikal Open Ice Golf Tournament, skiing, volleyball and football, competitions, sled dogs, and much more. Upon leaving this magnificent lake, you can be sure that the times spent there will be one of the most vivid experiences of your life.

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