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Avignon Resonances Festival



France - Avignon


From: 2016.07.23 To: 2016.07.29



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The beautiful medieval city of Avignon stages a new edition of an upbeat world music festival. The idea of the event is again to organise performances of dj’s and music producers at historical sites in the city. Festival Resonance highlights the heritage of the city of Avignon in a spectacular and unexpected way. The cutting edge but accessible programme offers a large range of music worlds: electro, hip-hop, soul, funk, rock…The public is immersed in a particular and good humoured atmosphere of simplicity and respect, which are the values put forward by the festival. Gigs are planned in the courtyard of the famous historical sites throughout the city centre, suich as the courtyard of the Lambert Collection, or the Gardens of Benoit XII. Entrance is free to make it easy to discover the musicians and the sites where the events are timetabled so do not miss this spectacular event!

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