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Australia Day Cockroach Races



Australia - Brisbane


From: 2016.01.26 To: 2016.01.26



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Can your roach follow the footsteps of the notorious 2002 winner Osama Bin Liner? Test the robustness and agility of your bug during the Australia Day celebration at the Story Bridge Hotel, a flamboyant 19th century pub in Kangaroo Point. Like the Camel Cup, this race started as a pub argument between two friends over whose suburbs were home to the biggest cockroaches. For some peculiar reason, upon catching one bug each, the two decided to race them and the rest is history. The races held today are a far cry from the rudimentary 1981 beginnings – the track is a 4m wide square with a circle within it. Nevertheless, the rules are still simple: the cockroaches are released from their ‘stable’, a bucket, in the middle and the first one to cross the edge of the circle is the winner. If you have a cockroach in your possession and $5 to spare, you may enter your bug in a race. If it finishes amongst the top 3, you get a prize to make up for the effort put into training your contender. Unfortunately, there is no glory for the winners, as the entire area is sprayed after the races in order to exterminate all the loose roaches.

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