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Art Car Parade



United States - Houston


From: 2016.05.09 To: 2016.05.11



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For some, a car is just a means of transportation, while, for others, it is a status symbol. However, there are some people who try to create a piece of art from their cars. Most of those usually visit Houston’s Art Car Parade, the jewel in the crown of the three-day Art Car Weekend festival. The main idea behind this gathering of art on four wheels is “that art is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life”. This of course includes our four-wheel, expensive, gasoline drinking, metal friends. The Art Car Parade is the last event of the Art Car Weekend and is completely free of charge. Every year this event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and hundreds of extraordinary cars. The cars displayed on the parade are extravagant, unusual, provocative and eye-catching. If you are car geek or just appreciate art, come to the Art Car Parade and enjoy this unique event.

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