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Ars Electronica Festival



Austria - Linz


From: 2015.08.30 To: 2015.09.03



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Linz might be a city with deep roots, but the fusion of art, science, and technology during this festival is decidedly futuristic. In fact, the only tradition at the festival could be that it has featured innovation since 1979. Other than that, there's no celebration of the past. This festival it's a bizarre mêlée of scientific symposia and cyber artworks. Anyone interested in arts related to computers, technological interactions, animation, digital arts should check it out. There are competitions for various age brackets and topics, some of the top featured are from today's cyber-generations, anyone 18 years or younger who's grown up with computers. Linz is on the Danube and has been a settlement since Roman times, however it's likely the most modern, forward-looking city in Austria. Heralded as a place with a "futuristic outlook" it's known for being an epicenter of modern. Indeed, the Ars Electronica Museum, which hosts the festival, styles itself as a museum of the future, aiming to anticipate rather than embalm heritage.

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