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Arezzo Antique Fair



Italy - Arezzo


From: 2016.03.05 To: 2016.03.07



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Those little flea markets that everyone goes to on a Sunday morning in Italy are a fun way to start the week. However, sometimes, you find one that is so big you’ll just want to spend days there. This is the Arezzo Antique Fair. Aside from being present every first weekend of the month, it turns into a place where hundreds of people come together to share their passion for antiques once a year- from brokers, to exhibitors, to businessmen, and more. You can walk through and find those one of a kind pieces of Italian art that you always wanted- at a good price too. But don't forget to haggle, because that's half the fun in the purchase. So spend a few days roaming about the hundreds of booths, because if you look hard enough, there's bound to be something there for you.

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