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Arctic Man



United States - Paxson


From: 2016.04.06 To: 2016.04.11



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If you think that regular ski races are boring and you're looking for something really extreme or if you're an adrenaline junkie that enjoys the smell of danger, then Arctic Man is for you. The BBC calls it “one of the toughest alpine sport competitions in the world” where a skier goes down the mountain with an impressive speed and then gets pulled up by his teammate in a snowmobile just so he can race down again. This competition attracts the best and bravest teams and leaves the thousands of spectators breathless. Arctic Man’s motto is “go fast or go home” and the organizers guarantee a spectacular and high-speed race. As the event happens in April, Richard Hum from the Asylum website says it's “winter’s last and craziest party”. When the snow has melted in most parts of the world, it's time to head for Alaska for a huge dose of speed and adrenalin as you discover who will be this year’s Arctic Man.

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