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Antalya Sunsplash



Turkey - Antalya


From: 2016.06.02 To: 2016.06.09



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Antalya Sunsplash is Turkey's biggest little festival, going against every festival rule known to man. It is small and proud of it, secretive, eclectic in terms of music styles, and preoccupied with promoting healthy living. From DJ sets to blues bands and post-rock groups, several music genres are included and promoted during the event. Looking more like a huge party, the festival distances itself from a random dancing bash by sticking to its original goal of promoting young artists from different backgrounds, while delighting curious ears with new and fresh music. The number of guests is limited to 400, thus making it one of the most exclusive festivals out there. However, the organizers promise a fun and friendly crowd, no queues, no angry looking bouncers, no mud, fights, and moshpits.

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