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Antalya International Choir Days



Turkey - Antalya


From: 2016.04.13 To: 2016.04.17



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Antalya is envied around Turkey for its mild climate and almost all year long sunny skies. One more reason to envy Antalya is its intense cultural life, sprinkled with film festivals, book fairs, and opera recitals usually held in antique Roman theaters. Among these cultural events of the region, the International Choir Days of Antalya has a reputable place. The festival is organized to accommodate professional and amateur groups, who participate either as contestants or simply as non-competitive performers, eager to display their skills in a public setting. From very young singers to consecrated groups, mixed groups and male and female groups, one can enjoy different types of choirs from around the world. To encourage the spirit of cooperation between participants, the non-competitive groups are evaluated and given a short analysis of their performance by experts. Each performance lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and is awarded with a diploma of participation.

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