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Annual Moonlight Ramble



United States - Saint Louis


From: 2015.09.01 To: 2015.09.01



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Mid-August means weird-night-time-bicycle-riding-activities on the streets of St Louis! Around 10,000 bicyclists of all shapes and sizes, ages and creeds take the streets on their 2 wheeled peddle powered machines to take part in the annual Moonlight Ramble. A St. Louis tradition dating back to 1964, the Annual Moonlight Ramble covers 19 miles under the light of a full moon, along a route which is kept top-secret until the day of the ramble. The streets are closed off by police from midnight until 3am to ensure safe passage of the riders, though watch out for wheel-lock as 10,000 cyclists cram for road-space! So if you're into bicycles or even if you just enjoy a spectacle, get yourself along to the Annual Moonlight Ramble in St. Louis this year!

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