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Aloha Festivals



United States - Honolulu


From: 2015.09.15 To: 2015.10.22



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Modernity crashes into tradition as the Aloha Festivals rock the Hawaiian islands like a hula-hooper rocks a hula hoop. This event attracts around 1 million people all eager to imerse themselves in Hawaiin culture. If you like it big, then you've got massive block parties with 250,000+ people or if you like it more low key then you can escape to a more secluded “hoolaulea” on one of the smaller islands. The big crowd pleases are the Waikiki Hoolaulea and the Aloha Festivals Floral Parade that both usually take place in the middle of this 6 week celebration. The event was started in the 1946 to celebrate local culture and it remains the only state-wide celebration in the USA. It's easy to see why the festivals are so popular when you can find yourself grinding your hips in a drunken haze, with flowers round your neck, standing in front of a lava desert and surrounded by scantily clad young things with broad grins on their faces...

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