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Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival



Spain - Alcalá de Henares


From: 2015.11.10 To: 2015.11.16



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November's weather hits hard even in northern Spain, so leave the clouds behind to sit spellbound (but not for too long) during the annual Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival. The festival offers a plethora of screenings and exhibitions held at the historic Cervantes Theatre. And after the curtains have drawn, step out into the streets of this historic Spanish town, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, yes, very pretty. For locals, the festival has special importance since it is the only festival for members of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, one of the nineteen autonomous communities and cities in Spain. Provincial though it might be, the festival has taken place since 1970 and has earned an endorsement on IMDB as one of the most important short film festivals in the world.

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