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Alba White Truffle International Festival



Italy - Alba


From: 2015.10.06 To: 2015.11.18



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It's a delicious treasure hunt in northern Italy for one of the most sought after fruiting fungus, the white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico). Known for its aphrodisiac qualities, the global specialty grows in Italy and is rumored to be far superior to its black truffle brother in nearby France. The white truffle has earn the title of the "diamond of the kitchen" in haute contour cuisine, and indeed, it tastes as rich as those individuals who can afford to buy it. Today the hard-to-find potent, gaseous, and musky white fungi commands no less than €2,000 per pound. Celebrate them in the heartland of truffles, Alba, a Piedmontese town in northern Italy. The annual Truffle Festival attracts chefs and foodies from around the world who head to the market to buy truffle oil, butter, creams and jars of truffle-infused sauces. Connoisseurs attend the invitation-only auction, however the fair and market are open to anyone, and also feature local Piedmontese specialty foods. Interestingly, the word "alba" in Italian translates to dawn or light, possibly an unintentional reference to the white truffles exclusive to the region.

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