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Air Guitar World Championships



Finland - Oulu


From: 2015.08.24 To: 2015.08.24



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Do you spend hours playing Guitar Hero and now you're looking for a little more than a best score and a fired-up avatar? Or maybe you're more of an old-schooler who used to bust out with a deadly air guitar set during school dances. Whatever your reason, it's high time you took your act to the big stage at the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, northern Finland. Phantom instruments come alive as air rockers strum guitar greats like Hendrix and AC DC. This event is called the championships for a reason, though. Guitarists participate in workshops on how to best exaggerate picking motions, attend lectures on the art form, and see demonstrations from masters of this musical feat. While Finns have been the most convincing at this unique sport, recent winners also include air guitar masters from Japa, Australia and Germany. As any air guitarist can tell you, it's not what you play but how you play it!

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