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Actopan National Mole Fair



Mexico - México Distrito Federal


From: 2015.10.01 To: 2015.10.21



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In the outskirts of Mexico City, the village of San Pedro Actopan hosts its annual Mole Festival. This delicious, dark and thick sauce is famous in Mexico and recipes are often kept top secret! Made from unsweetened chocolate, chilli and up to 60 different herbs and spices this sauce will keep you guessing! Set in an area known for its rustic beauty San Pedro Actopan was once a corn and bean growing agricultural area and did not receive electricity until 1947. Due to its isolation the town continued traditional MesoAmerican cooking techniques well into the 20th Century, including famous Mole recipes. With the onset of electrified hand-griding in the region farmers began to mass produce ingredients and the region now produces 60 percent of Mexico's Mole consumption, in Mexico city nearly 89 percent of people eat Mole from San Pedro Actopan. The National Mole Festival significantly attracts foodies from all over Mexico and visitors can attend one of nearly forty restaurants serving Mole recipes and meals of all kinds, including rabbit or beef and vegetable stew. Beware! This is an event you want to attend on an empty stomach.

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