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Accompong Maroon Festival



Jamaica - Accompong Town


From: 2016.01.06 To: 2016.01.06



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The Maroons of Jamaica will be blowing their Abeng horns, playing Maroon drums and marching to the Kindah tree this January 6th. Why? Because they'll be celebrating giving their British slave-masters a bloody nose in the 18th century. It's all about the birthday of one Captain Cudjoe, a Maroon warrior, who defeated the English army forcing them to sign a peace treaty granting semi-independence. Maroons are descended from freed African slaves who made their way to Jamaica’s untouched South Coast and though many of them still live there to this day, many other have spread out around the globe. Thus the festival is one big international Maroon gathering where people dance, fill their bellies' with rum, chant, drum and wildly rave from the early hours until late at night. Grab your Abeng and join in the party.

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