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Absolutely Free Festival



Belgium - Genk


From: 2015.08.03 To: 2015.08.04



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The Absolutely Free Festival in Genk, Belgium is, well, absolutely free of charge! That’s right, the organizers of this quirky happening are all for quality, environmentally friendly, creative stuff that can be shared at no cost. On this festival’s stage, audiences of all ages can see quite low-key bands performing alt-country, post-rock, or indie pop. If you want to hear how bands like The Tellers, Zoot, Creature with the Atom Brain, Gogo Monkey Squad, or King Charles sound, or you are simply interested to see who is behind such peculiar names, you are at the right place! In addition to having a unique indie experience, expect to taste some non-typical festival food and drink from a recyclable cup. Creative souls who get a dose of inspiration during the event can join some of the festival’s workshops focusing on photography, design or video.

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