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24 Hours of Le Mans



France - Le Mans


From: 2016.06.11 To: 2016.06.12



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An event as famous as its driving is furious, the 24 Hours of Le Mans (24 Heures du Mans) had sports cars flying past only metres from enthralled spectators' noses. Since 1923, some of the best drivers in the world have gathered every June near Le Mans to take place in this "Grand Prix of Endurance". Various classes of sports car compete in this battle of reliability, attrition, fuel efficiency and speed. Though technology might have improved a little since the event's inception, it remains an immensely tough challenge for both driver and team. And that's not all, Le Mans' location in the beautiful Lore Valley opens up the possibility of many other activities, from visiting the medieval town to touring the region's vineyards.

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